Custom Products and Design

Are quality and reliability important for your brand?

Cadex is more than just a contract manufacturer. We understand what it means to put your name on a product and our approach to working with our OEM partners reflects this commitment to quality.
  • Design Expertise: The highly experienced design team at Cadex doesn’t just design whatever is in the specification. Using their knowledge of batteries they dig deeper and work with you to deliver the best product to meet your needs.
  • Technology: In addition to end to end design and manufacturing, Cadex has a dedicated R&D team that is continually developing new technology and advancing the science of testing and maintaining batteries.
  • Manufacturing: Cadex consistently rates at the very top of its OEM customers’ quality metrics and offers the flexibility of local manufacturing for small run products or taking advantage of its global supply chain for high volume.


With over 30 years of experience in the battery industry, Cadex Electronics has earned a solid reputation in providing dependable battery solutions. Today, Cadex analyzers, chargers and rapid-testers are used in radio communications, medical, computing, aviation, defense and automotive applications throughout the world.

Custom Products

Cadex specializes in battery chargers, analyzers and rapid-testers These instruments include intricate sensing circuits and employ highly efficient digital power supplies. Our skill to develop and manufacture advanced electronic products has opened the doors to build specialty instruments for many critical industries, including medical and military.


The Cadex team provides complete turnkey solutions, including circuit design, mechanical interface, custom software, manufacturing and testing as well as development of battery reference matrices used in battery rapid-testing. Our in-house engineering team provides full system design. Our rugged designs enable reliable operation in demanding environments. Cadex also provides product training.

Smart Battery Packs

Cadex also designs and manufactures specialty battery packs. We are familiar with SMBus batteries that self-calibrate, provide continuous fuel gauge information and advise the user when conditioning is required. Offering a one-stop solution reduces time-to-market, decreases development risks and lowers costs.
Cadex Facilities



Quality and innovations are our specialty. Whether you purchase an off-the-shelf model or commission us to develop a custom product, you are always assured of advanced design, superior quality and competitive pricing. Some of our innovations are patent protected.

We like to be of service to you. Our skilled engineers and manufacturing staff will be glad to evaluate your concept and advise on possible improvements. We complete the job on time and budget. The Cadex one-stop solution reduces time-to-market and lowers product development risks.
  • Cadex maintains a strong R&D department; one third of our staff is active in engineering.
  • Our expertise lies in electronic sensing, measuring techniques and digital power supplies.
  • Special attention is placed on charging, SMBus systems and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.
  • Our custom systems include electrical circuits, embedded firmware, software and mechanical designs.
  • We are ISO 9001 certified and are in compliance with CSA, UL, CE, PSE, FDA standards.
  • We use Solid Works and Pro/Engineer software and have experience with a wide range of plastic and metal enclosures.



At our manufacturing plant we facilitate small and medium production runs. We have provision to produce larger volume production in one of our offshore manufacturing plants.

  • The manufacturing is done under the auspices of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
  • We comply with CSA, UL, CE, PSE, FDA and other standards
  • All products undergo functional testing and final burn-in before shipment

Quality Assurance


We commit to deliver the best possible quality and we've worked hard to develop and implement an efficient company-wide Quality Management System.

The Cadex Quality Management System was certified to the ISO 9002 standard in 1998, to ISO 9001 in 1999, and to ISO 13485 (for medical devices) in 2005. The QMS provides a structure for excellence in product development, quality of manufactured goods, delivery times and elimination of non-value added costs. It is our policy to provide products and services that totally satisfy the expectations of our customers through the achievements of excellence in:
  • Quality
  • Product Value
  • Delivery
  • Continual Improvement
  • Conformance to appropriate specifications and contractual agreements
  • Accountability for product reliability and durability
Cadex is a certified medical device manufacturer and defense supplier (ITAR Registered).

Our Portfolio

Here are samples of our custom products developed for various industries.


Charger Meets Challenging Criteria for Life-Critical Application

A manufacturer of emergency resuscitation equipment required a portable charger that was lightweight but able to manage batteries capable of 2000W of peak power, all while operating on the SMBus protocol for battery data transfer. The design team at Cadex met the challenge and delivered a product that features automatic conditioning, self-calibration, and provides continuous fuel gauge information.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 1

Cadex Fills Need for Power

Filling in a missing piece of the puzzle for a portable medical device manufacturer, Cadex used its extensive battery expertise to develop an FDA approved battery pack with 2000W peak power. Incorporating a fuel gauge, this battery was specifically designed for the high degree of mechanical stability required to withstand the demanding environment of emergency medical services.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 2

Cadex Builds Intelligence into Custom Charger to Save Lives

With the flexibility to handle nickel-cadmium (NiCad) and sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries this unit also reminds the user of pending maintenance by analyzing the battery’s state of health, the cycle count, and the elapsed time since servicing. During service, this device charges and conditions the battery and then verifies performance by using a discharge load to simulate real-world application.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 3


Cadex Turnkey Design-to-Delivery Capability adds Key Accessory to Portfolio

A leading supplier of instant communications services determined that it required a 12-bay charger for the lithium-ion batteries in its hardware portfolio to compete with traditional land mobile radio competitors. Cadex designed the charger to meet the challenge of servicing batteries from several handset styles simultaneously.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 4

Cadex Builds on Standard Platform to Deliver Valuable Service Tool

Cadex modified its standard C7400 battery analyzer to deliver a solution for a manufacturer of wireless hardware products for use in its service centers throughout its global network. The resulting product was designed to ensure that it is compatible with the SnapLock™ brand of battery adapters Cadex has developed to accept all major battery types in order to maximize flexibility.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 5

Custom Charger Keeps FDNY in Touch 24/7

Keeping radios working and the lines of communication open is mission-critical for The Fire Department of New York City. For increased safety and reliability, Cadex developed a rugged, vehicle-powered version of the UCC2 charger that FDNY installed in each truck and ambulance to keep radio batteries charged. Now even if the power is out the FDNY’s radios are on.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 6

Mobile Computing

The World's Leading Stock Market Chooses Cadex

Expectations for system reliability on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange are high - not a single trade can be missed. When the NYSE required an advanced charger to support their custom tablet computers, it requested a Cadex solution. Teaming up with the NYSE's technology division and the computer’s manufacturer, Cadex created the concept for a two-station SMBus charger featuring fuel gauge calibration at each station. Cadex turned the concept into a working product in only five months.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 7

Speed and Versatility a Key to Charger

Able to charge eight lithium-ion batteries in under 3 hours, Cadex developed an OEM charger that delivers 100W of power from any of the common global input line voltages. A top-loading design provides fast and convenient battery insertion, and a boosting capability activates batteries that are “asleep” due to excessively low charge.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 8

Charger Matches Design with Intelligence

In developing a line of chargers for one of the world’s most recognized brands in the laptop computer business, Cadex had to match the contemporary style of the OEM’s product line while ensuring maximum flexibility. The outcome was a product line that includes a smart interface to recognize a wide variety of battery types and apply the correct optimal charge to each – a feature that is ideal for the commercial and educational markets where these products are targeted.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 9


Cadex Helps Keep F-16 Fighter Jets on Course

Extended range Cadex battery analyzers are used to service the batteries that are an important component of the navigational system of F-16 fighter jets.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 10

Battery Analyzer Wins Supplier Recognition Awards

Analyzers designed and manufactured for a supplier to the US Air Force have won several awards recognizing outstanding achievement. These units have proven their value while deployed in a number of field operations.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 11

Quality a Key to Meeting Military Requirements for Chargers

A leading supplier of handheld communications products for use in the rugged environment of military operations relies on Cadex to deliver chargers of the superior quality required to meet the stringent requirements of its product line.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 12


Custom Firmware Helps Keep Airbus Flying

The 17 doors of the Airbus 380 aircraft are equipped with a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery that performs vital functions during loading and emergencies. Cadex was commissioned to supply the C8000 battery testing system to service these sophisticated batteries, a task that required a substantial modification to the firmware to meet the specific needs of this demanding application.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 13

Miners see Familiar Name on Proven Product

The UCC6 charger from Cadex is a key accessory for a manufacturer with its roots in the mining industry. The UCC6 was ideal for charging the batteries of the manufacturer’s well-known combination light/radio product and by selling the charger as an accessory under its own brand, the miners were able to purchase it from a trusted name in the industry.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 14

Fast Charger Keeps Trains Running

Cadex developed a custom fast-charger for the End-of-Train Units that replaced cabooses on freight trains. Subsequently, Cadex also designed and delivered a complementary battery analyser to automatically restore the batteries when they fell below a set target capacity.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 15

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