Case Study: Aurora Police Department

Aurora Police DepartmentNed Jacklin of the Aurora Police Department in Illinois started his Cadex battery maintenance program in 2006 when he discovered the battery analyzers they were using were not providing accurate test results.

The Aurora Police department has 750 batteries in their fleet. His battery maintenance program brings the batteries in for analyzing every three months. Each battery is run through an Auto test when it comes in for it's routine service. If the battery doesn't meet the target capacity it is put through the recondition cycle.

Ned found that due to the high traffic volume on Aurora's radios their portables require a minimum of 85% capacity to make it through a shift. Batteries that don't meet the 85% target capacity are relegated to a service with a lesser capacity demand. Ned also primes every new battery before it gets put into service. Officers often comment that since Ned started his Cadex battery maintenance program they just don't have bad batteries any more. Aurora currently has two Cadex C7400 analyzers and is looking at adding additional analyzers as they add more batteries to their fleet.