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The World's Leading Stock Market Chooses Cadex

Expectations for system reliability on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange are high - not a single trade can be missed. When the NYSE required an advanced charger to support their custom tablet computers, it requested a Cadex solution. Teaming up with the NYSE's technology division and the computer’s manufacturer, Cadex created the concept for a two-station SMBus charger featuring fuel gauge calibration at each station. Cadex turned the concept into a working product in only five months.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 7

Speed and Versatility a Key to Charger

Able to charge eight lithium-ion batteries in under 3 hours, Cadex developed an OEM charger that delivers 100W of power from any of the common global input line voltages. A top-loading design provides fast and convenient battery insertion, and a boosting capability activates batteries that are “asleep” due to excessively low charge.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 8

Charger Matches Design with Intelligence

In developing a line of chargers for one of the world’s most recognized brands in the laptop computer business, Cadex had to match the contemporary style of the OEM’s product line while ensuring maximum flexibility. The outcome was a product line that includes a smart interface to recognize a wide variety of battery types and apply the correct optimal charge to each – a feature that is ideal for the commercial and educational markets where these products are targeted.
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