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Charger Meets Challenging Criteria for Life-Critical Application

A manufacturer of emergency resuscitation equipment required a portable charger that was lightweight but able to manage batteries capable of 2000W of peak power, all while operating on the SMBus protocol for battery data transfer. The design team at Cadex met the challenge and delivered a product that features automatic conditioning, self-calibration, and provides continuous fuel gauge information.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 1

Cadex Fills Need for Power

Filling in a missing piece of the puzzle for a portable medical device manufacturer, Cadex used its extensive battery expertise to develop an FDA approved battery pack with 2000W peak power. Incorporating a fuel gauge, this battery was specifically designed for the high degree of mechanical stability required to withstand the demanding environment of emergency medical services.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 2

Cadex Builds Intelligence into Custom Charger to Save Lives

With the flexibility to handle nickel-cadmium (NiCad) and sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries this unit also reminds the user of pending maintenance by analyzing the battery’s state of health, the cycle count, and the elapsed time since servicing. During service, this device charges and conditions the battery and then verifies performance by using a discharge load to simulate real-world application.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 3