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Custom Firmware Helps Keep Airbus Flying

The 17 doors of the Airbus 380 aircraft are equipped with a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery that performs vital functions during loading and emergencies. Cadex was commissioned to supply the C8000 battery testing system to service these sophisticated batteries, a task that required a substantial modification to the firmware to meet the specific needs of this demanding application.
Cadex Sample Custom Product 13

Miners see Familiar Name on Proven Product

The UCC6 charger from Cadex is a key accessory for a manufacturer with its roots in the mining industry. The UCC6 was ideal for charging the batteries of the manufacturer’s well-known combination light/radio product and by selling the charger as an accessory under its own brand, the miners were able to purchase it from a trusted name in the industry.
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Fast Charger Keeps Trains Running

Cadex developed a custom fast-charger for the End-of-Train Units that replaced cabooses on freight trains. Subsequently, Cadex also designed and delivered a complementary battery analyser to automatically restore the batteries when they fell below a set target capacity.
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