Cadex Electronics Inc. appointed Charles Creighton as Director of Sales and Marketing, Line Products

Vancouver, BC Canada – Dec. 1st, 2016 — Cadex Electronics Inc. appointed Charles Creighton as Director of  Sales and Marketing, Line Products. Charles is a growth-oriented business leader and experienced sales & marketing executive with over twenty years operational and consulting experience. His cross-functional experience working with companies of various sizes across multiple industries is a key asset for Cadex in opening new markets, driving sales growth, and improving operations. Mr. Creighton holds an MBA from UC Berkeley, has a background in energy modeling and fuel cell commercialization at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, has operated his own and other’s energy related businesses, and has built national e-commerce and digital marketing capabilities for clients. At a Cadex, he leads the global sales, marketing and product management teams for Cadex Line Products.

"Cadex is excited to have a sales and business leader of international standing on our team" states COO Markus Pauli, "with Charles' help we are looking forward to further improving our Channel Partner support and growing Global Markets"



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