Basics about Batteries

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Basics about Batteries
Lean about the advantages and disadvantages of different battery chemistries, packaging and configurations, charging and discharging, safety and health concerns, as well as transporting and storing them. The presentation also advises what batteries like and dislike and how you can prolong their lives.

Download Basics about Batteries 10.0mb - 55 slides PowerPoint

  1. Cover
  2. Outline
  3. Battery Chemistries
  4. Relationship between Power and Energy
  5. Energy storage capacity
  6. Ability to deliver current
  7. Battery chemistries - Lead Acid
  8. Types of Lead Acid Batteries
  9. Nickel-cadmium (NiCd) & Nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH)
  10. Types of Lithium Batteries 
  11. Li-ion Systems
  12. Lithium-polymer Hype
  13. Confusion with Nominal Voltages
  14. Safety concerns with Li-ion
  15. Packaging and Configurations
  16. Battery formats
  17. Cylindrical cell
  18. Button cell
  19. Prismatic cell
  20. Pouch cell
  21. Best Cell Design
  22. Serial connection
  23. Parallel connection
  24. Serial-parallel connection
  25. Charging, Discharging, Storing
  26. The right way to charge lead acid
  27. The right way to charge NiMH
  28. The right way to charge Li-ion
  29. What batteries like and dislike
  30. Charging / Discharging
  31. Ultra-fast charging
  32. Charging without wires
  33. Charging without wires cont.
  34. Charging at high and low temperatures
  35. Charging from a USB Port
  36. Discharge methods
  37. Storing
  38. Health concerns with lead 
  39. Health concerns with cadmium
  40. Transporting Li-ion
  41. Transporting Li-ion cont.
  42. FAQ on charging and discharging
  43. How to prolong Battery Life
  44. Battery fade cannot be stopped, but slowed
  45. Knowing the difference between Capacity and SoC
  46. Avoid deep discharges
  47. Keep battery cool
  48. Retain moderate charge voltage
  49. Tables of Battery Dos and Don’ts
  50. Summary
  51. What people say
  52. Limitations with Current Technologies
  53. How far can the Battery go?
  54. Net Calorific Values
  55. Take home

Download Basics about Batteries 10.0mb