“…the study finds that satisfaction with battery performance is by far the least satisfying aspect of smartphones.”

- JD Powers & Associates  March 15, 2012

Two trends in the cellular phone market are coming together to create a critical need for battery testing in retail stores: more consumers use retail stores to solve their service problems and power demands of today’s multi-tasking devices are outstripping the ability of their batteries to deliver.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing an immediate diagnosis for common issues
  • Save money by reducing no-fault-found phone charges and free battery giveaways
  • Generate additional revenue through added accessory sales


POS Battery Testing Systems featuring our C5100 allow retail staff to test batteries that have been returned by customers for exchange, either on their own or within devices perceived as faulty.

c5100B All-in-one bundle

Cadex C5100 All-In-One Bundle

  • Cadex C5100B™ Rapid-Tester
  • Includes choice of Adapter * 
  • Cadex BatteryStore™
  • Samsung Bixolon STP-103III Thermal Printer
Part Number: AVBM5

* iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c Battery Out
  Samsung S6/S6 Edge Battery Out
  SmartConnect™ Adapter (with 2 Flex Strips)

c5100B VALUE bundle

Cadex C5100 Value Bundle

  • Cadex C5100B™ Battery Analyzer
  • Includes choice of Adapter *
  • Cadex BatteryStore™                                           
Part Number: BBM5

* iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c Battery Out
  Samsung S6/S6 Edge Battery Out
  SmartConnect™ Adapter (with 2 Flex Strips)

c5100B battery ANALYZER

Cadex C5100 Battery Testing System

Services 1 battery; user selectable for Li-Ion – 3.6V & 7.2V, 500-4000 mAh. Includes RigidArm™ Universal Battery Adapter, North American and Euro AC cord. RoHS compliant.
Part Number: 11-510-0001

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Note: Computer monitor and keyboard are not included and for illustration purposes only.


The C5100B Battery Analyzer has been designed for the retail user. Simple and fast but providing tremendous value through a number of special features.

C5100B Battery ANALYZER

  • Test range of QuickSort 4 (QS4) increased to 4,000mAh. Tests single-cell Li-ion.
  • Generic parameter tests all batteries; automatically chooses best algorithm.
  • Capacities and voltages can be entered directly without scrolling through C-codes.
  • Pass/fail selection from 60–90%. Default setting is 80%.
  • Tests battery in 4 minutes with state-of-charge of 20% and above.
  • Other programs include CHARGE, CYCLE and BOOST.
  • Compatible with QS1 and QS3 sorting algorithms.
Part Number: 11-510-0001

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C5100 Battery Tester

BatteryStore™ Software

  • Provide your customers with a receipt or service report customized for your business
  • Record, analyze, and export your battery test results to see how much money you are saving
  • Initiate and control battery testing from your PC
  • Import key battery information from the Cadex Battery Database
Part Number: 07-770-3000
BatteryStore Software

RigidArm™ Universal Adapter

The RigidArm™ is designed for easy connection of cell phone batteries. Spring-loaded arms lock in position to allow quick and accurate setup for repetitive testing. A retractable floor holds batteries vertically or horizontally; adjustable magnetic battery guides are included. Banana plugs offer easy polarity selection; temperature sensor ensures safe operation. The RigidArm™ can be exchanged with configured adapters.
  • Universal battery adapter suitable for most battery types
  • Allows multiple mounting orientations
  • New design with increased robustness
Part Number: 07-110-0192

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RigidArm Adapter


Some smartphones have non-removable batteries, but these also need testing. The C5100B enables access with the SmartConnect and FlexStrip.

With open device, unplug the battery cable from the phone socket and insert it into a fitting socket on the FlexStrip. This enables testing without removing the battery. The package comes with the SmartConnect and two FlexStrips, one serving as spare, to service these devices:
  • Apple iPhone 5, 5s, 6 and 6+
  • Samsung S6, s6s and s6 Edge
Part Number: 07-111-6150
SmartConnect and 2 FlexStrips

Part Number: 92-470-0061
6 FlexStrips per package

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SmartConnect is a universal cable connecting to the FlexStrip

Smartphone battery connects to FlexStrip


QuickSort 4 (QS4) uses Electrochemical Dynamic Response with Multi-dimensional Normalization to sort Li-ion batteries into Good and Poor. QS4 does not use Q-codes but requires entering battery capacity and voltage. The pass/fail capacity can be selected from 60–90% Test time is 4 minutes.

Low charge and capacity-loss appear similar. The patent pending QS4 separates these two characteristics and reads capacity with state-of-charge of 20% and above.

Wake Up Dead Batteries Using the “Boost” Function

  • If a cell phone battery is discharged too far, its internal protection circuits will trigger and the battery will no longer accept a charge – to the user it appears to be “dead”
  • A 2-minute “Boost” will reactivate the battery
  • After charging, most reactivated batteries will continue to operate normally for the rest of their useful life



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