Advanced Battery Testing

Multi-purpose tools that allow you to optimize batteries at every stage of product life.

Whether you are designing a new medical device or power tool, testing your battery over its service life or ensuring quality on your production line, the C8000 Advanced Battery Testing System will provide confidence in the performance of your batteries.
  • Device Simulation helps you choose the right battery for your device
  • Life Cycle Testing helps you characterize the battery to ensure product performance over its life
  • Custom Programming helps you monitor quality and performance of your batteries
  • Service Programs help you maintain batteries throughout their service life


C8000 Advanced battery testing system

The Cadex C8000 delivers the versatility needed to ensure you get the right performance from the batteries used in your applications. The C8000 is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to optimize batteries at every stage of product life.

Part Number: 11-308-0000
C8000 Advanced Battery Testing System


The C8000 Load Capture Unit (LCU) has been designed to store and capture load signatures of any device up to 100A in real-time. The load signatures can be incorporated in a BatteryLab custom program which can aid in determining battery performance characteristics, battery life, time of use, and device performance, thus allowing you to design the right battery for your device. The LCU has digital and analog I/O ports.

Part Number: 89-207-3036
C8000 Load Control Unit


No test instrument is complete without effective software. Cadex BatteryLab™ provides a simple, yet powerful interface to control and monitor the C8000. With a PC, control shifts from the analyzer’s front panel to the PC. Programming begins by entering the required battery parameters or choosing a battery from an existing list. BatteryLab™ displays the test results and displays them using real-time graphics.

Part Number: 11-308-0000
BatteryLab Software

Optional Adapter Unit

Interfaces with SnapLock™ Battery Adapters
  • Each adapter can be programmed to 10 different battery types
  • Over 1000 Battery Adapters available
  • Provides quick and dependable interface
  • Allows the sharing with other Cadex systems
Part Number: 07-510-0000
C8000 Optional Adapter Unit


The Cadex C8000 is intuitive to use, requires minimal training, and has many flexible programming options. Chemistry-specific programs provide safe operation for all major battery types. Take advantage of a large selection of standard programs or create your own custom routine to meet your exact testing requirement.

Service Programs

Format, condition and restore batteries.
  • Charge — Applies fast charge; terminates charge when the battery is full; applies trickle charge (depending on battery chemistry)
  • Auto — Exercises batteries and applies recondition if the user-set target capacity cannot be reached (nickel-based batteries)
  • Prime — Prepares batteries by repeated cycling until maximum capacity is reached
  • Extended Prime — 16-hour trickle charge prior to Prime. Prepares difficult to charge batteries
  • Boost — Activates seemingly dead batteries.

Rapid Tests

Checks battery without discharging.
  • OhmTest™ — Measure battery resistance with DC pulses (based on IEC61436), 13 seconds *
  • Impedance — Measures battery resistance with 1000Hz signal. (Channel 1 only) *

Advanced Programs

Automated testing for specialty requirements.
  • Waveform Tests — GSM, CDMA or customized tests
  • Runtime — Allows three different discharge levels, programmable in hours and minutes
  • Life Cycle — Cycles battery until end-of-life
  • Self-Discharge — Measures self-discharge
  • Discharge Only — For storage, test applications.

Custom Programs (via PC)

Create your own test routines for your specific requirements.
  • 100 Programs — allows up to 100 user-defined programs
* A battery is an electrochemical device and the reactance readings will vary with different test methods.

Application Notes

Device Simulation

  • Learn How Your Battery will Respond to Your Device
  • Load Capture and Playback Capability
  • Internal Loads to 10A or External Loads to 240A
  • Standard (GSM) or Custom Waveforms
Device Simulation

Battery Characterization

  • Learn How Your Battery Performs in Operation
  • Standard or Custom Programmed Life Cycle Tests
  • Environmental Chamber Testing Control
Battery Characterization

Quality Monitoring

  • Ensure Your Battery is Performing as Planned
  • Setup Application Specific Test Protocols
C8000 in Laboratory

Battery Service

  • Ensure Your Battery is Maintained
  • Basic and Advanced Service Programs
BatteryLab Screenshot


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