Our Applications

For over 35 years, Cadex devices have been used to analyze, test, charge, and extend the life of batteries in many industries. We specialize in critical applications where money or lives are on the line.

A firefighter's 2-way radio works when needed, at the end of a shift. A portable defibrillator saves a life. A parent's car starts with confidence in a snowstorm. These are just some of the ways accurate battery capacity testing with Cadex analyzers makes a difference, every day. As our world becomes more portable, more connected, and more on-demand, batteries cannot remain an ignored black-box that either works or doesn't - they must be understood, and battery failure must become predictable. Batteries for critical devices are expensive, with annual fleet costs reaching into the millions. As technologies improve to meet power density and cost requirements, battery recyclability suffers. Battery Maintenance Systems from Cadex, built on our line of analyzers, testers, and advanced chargers, ensure batteries are kept in service for their full usable life - and no longer. Increase uptime of critical equipment, decrease fleet costs, and minimize environment footprint.

Professional Mobile Radio

App radio2
What is the acceptable number of sudden radio failures you allow your people to experience? One may be too many… A proper battery maintenance system increases reliability and lowers operating costs of mission-critical portable radios used by emergency service personnel.... Read More


App medical1
Battery Maintenance is one of the Top 10 problems faced by today's Biomedical Engineer Technicians according to the AAMI association. The batteries in portable medical equipment play a vital role in delivering patient care. Cadex Battery Maintenance Systems assure that all batteries meet specified... Read More

Advanced Battery Testing

Gallery advanced testing
Multi-purpose tools that allow you to optimize batteries at every stage of product life. Whether you are designing a new medical device or power tool, testing your battery over its service life or ensuring quality on your production line, the C8000 Advanced Battery Testing System will provide... Read More


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“…the study finds that satisfaction with battery performance is by far the least satisfying aspect of smartphones.” - JD Powers & Associates  March 15, 2012 Two trends in the cellular phone market are coming together to create a critical need for battery testing in retail... Read More

Service Centers

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As part of a full reverse logistics program or an-over-the-counter repair service, Cadex products have been the standard for battery testing for over a decade. Whether for cellphones, laptops, tablets or cameras, Cadex battery analyzers offer the flexibility to perform both rapid analysis and... Read More


Auto cover
Capacity is the leading indicator of battery health. Other testers measure Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) to tell you if the battery will start your car or truck today. But what about tomorrow? Only by looking at its capacity will you know if your battery is still healthy enough to... Read More


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How much downtime can you afford? Battery maintenance is inexpensive to implement and contributes significantly to system reliability and your bottom line. Diminishing batteries are one of the leading causes of portable scanner failure. Countless dollars are lost annually to battery-related... Read More


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When reliability is not an option, you need the best... A robust battery maintenance system increases reliability and lowers operating costs of mission-critical portable radios used by service personnel. Safety: Today’s military personnel rely on their portable... Read More

Custom Products and Design

Are quality and reliability important for your brand? Cadex is more than just a contract manufacturer. We understand what it means to put your name on a product and our approach to working with our OEM partners reflects this commitment to quality. Design Expertise: The highly... Read More