Two Battery Cells Inside the iPhone X: Double the Capacity?

November 28, 2017

The new iPhone X's dual-cell battery, the first of it's kind, has a 2,716mAh capacity, which is only slightly bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus before it. 

It's biggest benefit however, writers at The Verge note, is that this dual-battery design "allows for more creative shapes and placement" and allows Apple to fit more tech into a smaller space by folding this board in half. 

This flexibility in shape and placement is critical as this latest high-end iPhone packs even more great features in to the small device - such as Face ID, which is a new face-detection technology replacing the former Touch ID. iFixit has stated that the density of the iPhone X's "connectors and components is unprecedented". It's no wonder that this dual-battery is implemented, as this allows the user to enjoy double the features without sacrificing phone size or capacity. In fact, the components that make up the iPhone X are noticeably smaller and more compact across the board.

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