Product Spotlight: C5100B Cellphone Battery Testing System

August 17, 2017

The cellular industry is growing at a rapid rate, with new releases of your favorite smartphones like the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy 8, having even more groundbreaking features than ever before. As smartphone features become more advanced, a common downfall remains: battery life.

For years, cellphone users have been asking for better storefront services to be able to track down the causes to their battery problems.

The engineers at Cadex have achieved remarkable advancements in battery rapid-test technology. The C5100B, which tests cellphone batteries up to 4,000mAh in just 4 minutes while your customers shop in your store, is an effective way to improve customer satisfaction while driving in-store revenue.


PC-BatteryStore™ software provides an extension to battery testing by storing customer information, recording anomalies and printing service reports carrying the name of your business. Equally important, PC-BatteryStore™ streamlines battery testing to increase customer traffic and generate additional revenue. You can record and export test results to a database and evaluate how batteries perform across multiple locations.

Proprietary QuickSort™ Technology measures the State of Heath (SoH) and sorts the battery as Good/Low/Poor. The default setting for healthy batteries is 80%.

There are four features to choose from when using the device:

TEST: Checks the battery in 4 minutes.

CHARGE: Charge the battery in approximately 3 hours.

CYCLE: Test accurate capacity % with a charge-discharge-charge cycle.

BOOST: "Wake up" over-discharged batteries.

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