Panasonic Stretching Beyond Lithium-Ion Batteries

October 31, 2017

Tesla's battery supplier, Panasonic, is taking a look at ways in which battery technology has the potential to improve. Since 2012, for example, Battery Symposium Japan has been steering away from discussions of lithium-ion battery technology to instead focus on the exploration of alternative technologies including solid-state, lithium-air and non-lithium batteries.

Today’s best Li-ion cells can reach an energy density of about 300 watts per kilogram, which is getting close to the theoretical maximum. Expert Naoaki Yabuuchi of Tokyo Denki University expects lithium-ion technology to reach this maximum around the year 2020. By then, there may be more in the works by innovators at the labs of Panasonic and Tesla, say the writers at Clean Tichnica.

With the help of the C8 Battery analyzer, which assists in safe battery testing, major companies like Tesla, as well as the battery development labs in Lithium-Ion battery testing, will see breakthroughs in future battery initiatives in upcoming years.


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