Gizmodo Uses Cadex Analyzers to Find Best Portable USB Battery Pack on the Market

October 16, 2017

USB Battery packs have become a must-have for on-the-go charging that fits in your pocket. Gizmodo got their hands on hundreds of different battery packs made by a variety of brands to figure out which device has the best capacity, charge time, size, weight and other features for those long office meetings or weekends out and about.

To take a look at the results for the best USB battery packs for various occasions, read Gizmodo's article here

Gizmodo was able to find these results with the help of Cadex Electronics battery testers, and managed to gather accurate data in order to come up with this finalized list. The C8000 Advanced Battery Testing System is a popular tool used amongst laboratories and battery researchers, providing accurate results for voltage curves, amperage, and ultimately how closely a batteries' actual capacity matches the claims advertised.


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