Drone Discovers $400,000 Worth of Stolen Property

March 28, 2017

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Drones have sparked a lot of conversation in recent years. They are a cost effective alternative to aviation tools such as helicopters, and are able to more effectively trace information and evidence in critical public safety missions. Although concerns have been brought up regarding privacy laws and where to draw the line, if used properly, adopting drones into law enforcement can lead to endless rewarding turnouts.

The Cecil County Sheriff's Office in Elkton, Maryland, for example, made a good investment. After purchasing two commercial drones and completing all required FAA licenses and written exams to fly them, their very first drone mission resulted in the acquisition of 19 pieces of stolen construction equipment, valued at nearly $400k. Some of this equipment included a $24,500 Silver Aluminum Alumacraft trailer, a $60,000 John Deere 50G Excavator, and a $40,000 Kubota KX121-3 Excavator, amongst many other pieces of expensive machinery, listed here.

Prior to using drones, the CCSO investigators had failed to receive a court-approved search of the property when viewing the Barksdale property from ground level or along the sides of the road.

Sheriff Scott Adams was able to pilot one of the drones above the perimeter of the property, and when searching through aerial videotapes collected, stolen construction equipment could be spotted behind a large pole barn. With this new evidence, the court had approved the search. The results? Several arrests, many more potential arrests, and a large portion of the stolen items eventually returned to their rightful owners.


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