Does Your Cellphone Battery Really Need Replacement?

September 11, 2017

After several months or years of owning a smartphone, whether it's the new Samsung Galaxy 8 or the iPhone 7, or whatever is new and fresh on the market at the time, you will probably notice that your cell phone battery will not last as long as it did when you first took it out of the box. Your first instinct is probably to follow a guide full of useful tips and tricks to reduce phone battery consumption (check out CheatSheet's "9 Reasons Your Phone Battery Dies So Quickly" and Techlicious' "What's Draining Your Cellphone Battery?", or Battery University).

What happens, though, when you've already taken all precautions towards securing improved phone battery life, and it is still barely getting you through the day?

Many phone users quickly come to the conclusion that discarding a battery and replacing it with a new one will improve it's capacity and performance. However, in most cases, the battery may not be the issue at all. Having access to battery testing technology provides you with a clear assessment of battery performance, removing any uncertainties. 

In a pilot study examining cost savings, 10 US cellular retailers used Cadex C5100B battery analyzers in their retail store fronts. They found that the average store received 10 batteries returned to them for replacement per day, with average handling costs of $15USD per pack. During the one-month trial, those stores with the Cadex analyzers saved a combined total of 1,981 batteries - resulting in savings of approximately $30,000. That's $3,000 per month, per store.

Not only is the user-friendly C5100B Battery Analyzer able to sort good batteries from poor ones in just 4 minutes, it can also determine accurate capacity % with a charge-discharge-charge cycle and ultimately revive over-discharged batteries.

Having access to a battery analyzer is a convenient and cost-effective addition to any cell phone retail store, helping improve critical customer satisfaction & trust that can lead to increased share of wallet and likelihood of positive reviews and customer referrals.


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