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July 20, 2017 is a community driven blog which features voices from scientists, engineers, political lobbyists and industry leaders alike, showcasing the latest in green energy developments and renewable battery and storage technology.

Mark Dansie, one of the sites chief contributors, highlights the Cadex C8000 battery analyzer in his article “Using the Right Testing Equipment Robert Murray Smith” which is featured on the site’s homepage.

PhD Robert Murray Smith has made several videos highlighting the use of the C8000, naming it “The Everything Machine” stating its importance in being “the step from the lab bench to the working device”. The article describes the C8000 as standing in a class by itself in flexibility and affordable price.

Digital technology in battery testing such as the Cadex Analyzer widens opportunities for test range, stability and is more powerful than its analog counterparts. Smith says that “The Cadex machine is important to us because it is a verifiable result of what we’re doing… It’s an Industry standard machine”.

Smith is interested in creating batteries that are both cheaper and more energy dense than what is already in the market, using the C8000 to test obscure materials such as old tire parts costing $4/kilowatt hour used, which are both more dense and more cost-effective than lead-acid batteries.

With the help of the Cadex C8000 he is able to achieve certification for his testing, ultimately advancing battery technology as we know it.

Watch the video below:

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