Cadex announces support for B. Braun Infusion Pump Batteries

September 21, 2017

B. Braun was one of the first companies to participate on the advisory panel of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) and is leading edge in defining standard interoperability communication protocols between infusion pumps and EHR and other medical devices.

The DoseTrac™ Infusion Management Software allows users to wirelessly store and access data, benefiting a vast array of medical departments including nursing, pharmacy, biomed, risk management and materials management. Drug library updates and data can be wirelessly sent to medical infusion pumps.

Both the Perfuser® Space Infusion Pump and the Infusomat® Space Infusion Syringe Pump are shaping the world of medicine, providing real-time data on bag volumes and infusion time remaining. They enable the user to review dose corrections, and access patient room and bed information without the need for cross-referencing other systems. They also manage alarms, IV refills, infusion of critical drugs and detect where and when infusions are operating outside of DoseGuard™ limits, making this series of pumps the ultimate life-saving devices.

B. Braun's Perfusor® Space Infusion syringe Pump is ideal for operating rooms, adult care, pediatric and emergency settings. Meanwhile, designed for acute care adult and pediatric facilities, the Infusomat® Space large volume pump weighs just 3 pounds allowing you to quickly and easily stack up to 24 pumps in a single bedside tower.

With minimal power consumption and new battery technology, the machines have long lasting operating times, such as 9.4 hrs. at a pump of 80 ml/h and 8.5 hrs. at 100 ml/h.

Cadex has just added B. Braun infusion pump adapters its collection of over 3,200+ custom adapters, many of which are available for purchase at Now, industry-leading C7 series battery analyzers are able to provide reliable patient care and maximize up-time of critical equipment by enabling the user to test, track, label and maintain fleets of batteries.


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