American Lithium Energy Developing Safer Lithium-Ion Batteries

October 31, 2017

Jiang Fan, President and co-founder of American Lithium, a small San Diego company, believes that they have found the solution to lithium-ion battery fires, claiming that their batteries do not ignite into flames.

The technology, branded Safe Core, stems from a U.S. Department of Energy project with the goal of producing batteries for high-energy electric vehicles that won't explode or catch fire amidst a car crash. Fan has not released many details yet, but with rapidly a growing market for electric vehicles and portable battery technology, Safe Core, along with several startups and laboratories across the US, are designing new techniques that will lead to safer batteries for all of us. Read more here.

With installations ranging from MIT and Virginia Tech to the University of Lagos in Nigeria, and from Boeing to BAE and the FDA, the Cadex C8000 Advanced Battery Test System has become the affordable industry standard for battery technology testing and validation.

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