Deep Cycle Batteries

Speed and simplicity keeps the power on.

Many applications rely on deep cycle lead-acid batteries for power. Ensure that power is available when you need it by testing the capacity: the leading indicator of battery health.

The Cadex CA-12-DC handheld rapid tester allows you to quickly determine the health of your fleet of batteries
  • Golf Carts: reduce the time spent testing your batteries from several days to a few hours and ensure your customers aren’t stranded on the course.
  • Aerial Work Platforms: by testing the battery before the equipment leaves your lot, you can reduce the number of field calls resulting from an idle lift with a bad battery.
  • Floor Cleaners: maintain your fleet by checking the health of the batteries before they are deployed into the field.
A simple 15 second test is all the is needed to ensure you have battery power available when you need it.