The Cadex C8000 is intuitive to use, requires minimal training with no coding required, and has many flexible menu-driven programming options. Chemistry-specific programs provide safe operation for all major battery types. Take advantage of a large selection of standard programs or create your own custom routine to meet your exact teaching requirements.

Research & Development

Designing a new medical device, or developing the next super battery? Shorten your path to market by using the same test & verification equipment as your industry regulators, customers, and funders. The C8000 may be the most complete battery testing system available, delivering affordable lab-grade accuracy and power.


Whether you are testing your battery over its service life or ensuring quality on your production line, the C8000 Advanced Battery Testing System will provide confidence in the performance of your batteries. Gain high returns from supplier verification and end-of-line testing with this affordable, reliable test and verification system.


Without programming or coding, quickly and easily demonstrate charge & discharge cycles for various chemistries. With included BatteryLab software, display real-time voltage, current, and SoC results for battery modeling, monitoring and control purpose - on a laptop, PC, or the big screen. Use pre-configured programs or create your own custom programs for more advanced scenarios. Teach students using the same equipment they will use in the field.

  • Test up to 10 lithium, 18 SLA, or 30 Nickel cells in series
  • Test and display SMBus battery information
  • Teach product development considerations by capturing device loads with available Load Capture Unit
  • Light weight and small footprint make it perfect for multi-use education areas

C8000 Brochure

C8000 Specifications

Cadex C8000 has been very useful in carrying out our research. It is accurate, programmable, versatile and user friendly. Also, data generated from it can be easily exported to other spreadsheet applications for further analysis. Moreover, Cadex customer service is impressive as inquiries are promptly responded to.

Oluwole Adegbenro, Director, National Centre for Energy Efficiency and Conservation, Faculty of Engineering, University of Lagos, Nigeria – University of Lagos, Nigeria

The C8000 is easy to setup because what we need to do is to plug in, then start to test. The design of BatteryLab is friendly, easy to operate, and allows us to read graphic results in real time. I strongly recommend C8000 to universities for education and research.


Wen Chen – PhD. Assistant Professor – Wayne State University, Division of Engineering Technology

Research and Development

For R&D, the Cadex C8000 stands in a class by itself for flexibility, versatility, ease-of-use and affordability. Test SMBus batteries, monitor cell balance and capture load signatures to observe batteries with a unique load protocol. Add a thermal chamber, an external load bank, a safety circuit and alarm to form a command center and you begin realizing the unique qualities of this fine battery testing system. Leverage the C8000's incredible versatility to:

  • Test cells and packs
  • Understand discharge curves at varying loads
  • Track capacity and impedance data across repeated cycles
  • Use the pulse discharge feature to test high load/short time pulses
  • Test SLA, Nickel, and Lithium chemistries (including Li-FePO4)
  • Create almost limitless custom tests to mimic various real-world and potential scenarios

C8000 Brochure

C8000 Specifications

We use the C8000 to auto-test larger SLA batteries generally in the 26Ahr to 100Ahr range for fire safety systems. We have also used it for special custom tests that were requested by our engineering department where we were testing a large SLA for varying loads at different consecutive time intervals

Jonathan Zohr – Electronic Services (Supervisor)

Atomic Energy of Canada

We typically make either 12 cell or 24 cell battery packs with 2/3AF 700mA cells…  they are designed for sub orbital rocketry applications. We do value it as a time saver and data acquisition unit. It’s a big step up from having to cycle manually as we were doing.

James Heller – Electrical Engineer, Theoretical Studies Engineering Research

Northrop Grumman Technical Services


Used daily in corporate quality inspection labs world-wide, the C8000 comes with 12 pre-configured test programs to make set up easy and speed return-on-investment. Define up to 100 additional custom programs to tailor the system to your unique needs. Adding external load banks, temperature chambers, and other options to boost current and power, providing the flexibility to test and verify in near-real world conditions.

  • Qualify vendors and vendor specifications, by testing samples or complete batches of vendor supplied batteries
  • Auto-test batteries in safety and emergency systems
  • Perform life-cycle, over temperature and other stress tests
  • Test battery pulse capabilities, with high load / short time pulses

C8000 Brochure

C8000 Specifications

We have nothing but good things to say about the C8000. We are probably approaching 2,000 battery tests (at an average of >16 hours per test) over the past couple of years. We pretty much run the units 24/7. None of our production units ship without a 100% test and review of battery performance. The database and simple search functions of the BatteryLab program are well utilized as well.

Mark Kusbel, VP Engineering & Business Development

Wamore, Inc.

Our main use for the C8000 is cycle testing and also testing battery capacity of many vendors and competitive products.  Battery vendors will label a battery with any capacity you tell them to put on the battery pack. We tested several batteries from several vendors to find the best performance ones.  We did testing over temperature in a temperature chamber and also did life cycle tests of the batteries.  We have been using the C8000 for testing many different battery packs from several vendors. The C8000 was extremely easy to setup and start testing batteries in minutes.

1OAK Technologies

Our C8000 machine is being used almost everyday in our Quality Inspection Lab. When we were asked by one of our customers if we could suggest any good cell testing machine, we said C8000 would be very good choice.

Krzysztof Lubianiec – R&D Director


About Cadex

For over 35 years, Cadex Electronics has been at the leading edge of battery technology. Serving customers in over 100 countries globally, our world-class team empowers local and global clients to achieve the most from their mobile power applications. Cadex technology and products, including custom battery packs, smart chargers and advanced battery analyzers, optimize battery use in all phases of battery life cycle management, increase up-time and availability of critical equipment, and decrease operating costs. With headquarters in Vancouver and offices in Europe and Asia, we make battery systems more reliable.


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